Indiana Borough Hosts Rain Barrel Workshop

After months of preparation, Indiana Borough hosted a workshop on rain barrels and stormwater management at this year’s May Mart. Borough staff members were tasked with writing grants to fund the workshop and produce educational materials to hand out. Additionally, borough staff members cleaned and assembled each of the 25 rain barrels that were given out free of charge at the workshop.  The Stormwater Education Partnership obtained the barrels from a vendor called Rain Barrels of PA located in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. Kyle Mudry, the Communications & Grants Coordinator at Indiana Borough, said that by utilizing rain barrels, the community can assist the Borough in addressing its stormwater issues by decreasing the amount of water going into our systems during intense rainfall events. Additionally, residents can also use the rainwater they collect for landscaping purposes, such as watering non-edible plants or washing vehicles.

If residents are interested in making their own rain barrel, they can visit the “Rain Barrels of PA” website at, where they can view prices of various items including the “DIY Program” used by Indiana Borough.