Indiana Borough Reaches Gold Certification!!!

The PA State Association of Boroughs recently recognized Indiana Borough for its achievement of reaching Gold status in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program. Indiana’s Gold Certification was first announced to the public on August 19th, 2018 by the Indiana Gazette. On the anniversary of this achievement, the PA State Association of Boroughs interviewed Indiana Borough staff members Kyle Mudry, Communications & Grant Coordinator, and Nick Zimny-Shea, Planning & Zoning Official for the June edition of the Borough News Magazine.

Of the 203 points required for Platinum Certification, the highest certification available, Indiana has 188 points, leaving them only 15 points away from their goal. As stated by Mudry, “we’re on the one-yard line!” Among the communities that have reached Platinum are Pittsburgh, Lancaster, and State College. The Borough News Magazine noted that Indiana stands out from other Gold status communities, as it does not sit in one of the counties adjacent to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia1. With the level of dedication to sustainability demonstrated by the staff of Indiana Borough and the Indiana Borough Council, we will surely see them reach Platinum soon.

To see if your community is certified, receive direction on how to become certified, or to view Indiana Borough’s certification assessment, go to


Source: Hormel, H. (2019, June). Indiana Borough Showcases Gold Sustainability Certification. Borough News Magazine, 46-49.

Published: 6/28/2019