Solar Panel Installations Small Beginnings

Jonathan Warnock and Alex Clark standing in front of their newly installed solar panels

With the assistance of Solar United Neighbors, the Indiana Solar Co-Op selected Groundhog Solar LLC to install solar panels within the Co-Op and held open signups for the event until April 26, 2019. With a successful turnout, there were 61 new signups for the Indiana Co-Op with homes deemed eligible for producing solar energy. There are 12 signed contracts with Groundhog Solar LLC and 24 proposals to be accepted by June 12th. This event granted members of the co-op the chance to receive individualized proposals based on a group rate. A committed member of the Indiana Co-Op, Jonathan Warnock’s solar panels were finished being installed on May 5th. He stated that the opportunity presented by the Co-Op fiscally allowed him to fulfill a long-term goal to switch to solar energy. Although the panels were installed only about a month ago, Jonathan is already seeing the benefits of his switch.  “Even today, where it’s cloudy and rainy, we were generating more energy than we are using. We can see the credits that we’re accumulating with Penelec.”


For more information on solar energy issues in Pennsylvania, visit the Solar United Neighbors webpage: